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Cutting Edge Technology Solutions.

  • First with EMV Unattended Parking Payments in the USA
  • 15” or 12” Touch Screens for Walk Up Payment and In Lane Payment.
  • Validation: Paper Validation, Sticker Validation, Validation BOXX, Web Validation.
  • Hotel Integrations: Ask us about integrations or how to use your existing hotel readers with Parking BOXX.

If you are looking for a parking system by Parking Systems Inc, we’d love to hear from you to tell you about Parking BOXX systems.


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Parking BOXX has over 75 years of parking industry experience. Parking BOXX systems reliably operate in all climates. Our parking systems are installed from the far north of Canada and as far south as the tropical climate in Aruba. If you are interested in a Parking Systems Inc parking system, you’ll definitely want to talk to Parking BOXX to learn more about our products and systems.


If you are in a rush to receive a quote or to get your new parking system operational, we have some of the fastest response times in the industry. Our Full-Featured Parking Systems offer many benefits. Our Flat-Rate Parking Systems are a great alternative for lower budgets who require to the control and safety of barrier gates. Finally, our Smart Parking Meters are perfect for those who need a basic automated parking payment. Additional products such as P-123 and hotel options and more are available!