Parking Systems

Why Automate?
Why Parking BOXX?


Flat-Rate Parking System
Basic Parking System
  • Flat Rate
  • Pay On Entry or Exit
  • Fully Upgradeable
Full-Featured Parking System
  • Pay Stations
  • Pay In Lane
  • Unlimited Rate Options
Basic Parking System
Cashier, Validation, Signs and More!
Parking System Cashier

Barrier Gate System + ACCESS

Access Your Way
Access Card RFID FOB Barcode
  • Proximity Cards
    • 125 kHz
    • 13.56 MHz
    • Custom Integrations
  • Smart Chip Cards
  • Magnetic Stripe Cards
  • Bar Code Cards
Monthly Parkers
  • Employees
  • Residents
  • Tenants
Hotel/Guest Parking
Hotel Parking System
  • Guest Check In Terminal
  • On-Site Lots & Garages
  • Off-Site Lots & Garages


Multi-Space Meters
Multi-Space Parking Meter
  • Pay & Display
  • Pay By Space
  • Pay By License
P-123: Pay-By-Phone
P-123 Pay-By-Phone
Parking Tickets & CitationsHandheld Parking Citation Writer
  • Citations/Ticket Writer
  • Citations/Ticket Management
  • Citations/Ticket Software

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without paying top dollar.”

Are you looking for ways to improve your parking system revenue or track revenue from your parking system? Do you want to time stamp and document every vehicle entry into the lot and exit from the lot, including when payments are made, at what station and how these payments are completed? Do you want each cashier to have a detailed end-of-shift audit report that printed at the till as well as saved in the software? Need secondary documentation? The cashier may print the receipt on the back of each ticket to provide a secondary paper trail. Coupons and validation may be added to the parking system at any time. Automated parking systems provide accurate data for accounting and auditing. This data enables parking operators, parking managers, and property owners to have up to the minute access to all relevant data – either at the parking equipment site or in the cloud.

In addition to the transient parking system revenue, access control (via short or long range readers, bar codes, or magnetic stripe cards) may be added to accommodate employees, visitors, and monthly parkers. The parking system access control may be limited to specific times, dates, date ranges, and entrances and exits. Additionally, path and time frame requirements may be enabled to ensure that vehicles park in designated areas. The parking system and parking software provide complete usage data for each access card, including time stamp, location, error messages, as well as card user information.

If you’re looking for parking equipment for surface lots, underground garages, parking management systems, advanced parking access control with RFID/AVI readers, barrier gate systems, parking garage payment systems, contact Parking BOXX to learn more about our ticket machines, parking pay machines, parking management software, pay-by-phone, and parking ticket and citation options. With customizable Gated Parking Systems, including Entry Stations (ticket machines), Exit Stations with or without payment options, numerous Pay On Foot configurations, including bills, coins, credit, debit, coupons, Cashier Stations & Validation Stations plus a full line of Multi-Space/Non-Gated Parking Systems, Parking BOXX will be able to accommodate your desired system functionality.

If you own or manage a parking lot and are looking for ways to improve revenue generation, automate parking management or improve parking revenue auditing, contact us to learn about Parking BOXX’s parking solutions. As a parking equipment manufacturer, our parking control equipment serves many parking garages, parking lots (both on-street and off-street) and has developed unique & advanced parking control equipment. Parking BOXX offers a wide variety of products to meet your needs in the USA, Canada and many other countries.

Parking BOXX has completed numerous parking lot customization and integration projects. If you are looking for something that you don’t see here, please contact us.