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One parking meter can accept payments for many parking spaces. Modes of operation include: Pay & Display, Pay By Space Number or Pay By License Plate. Best price guarantee: purchase or rent!

If you need full-featured parking meters, read on to learn about many of our popular features.

These parking meters accept payments from credit/debit cards, bills, coins and coupons. In addition to paying directly at the parking meters, pay by P-123 app (pay-by-phone), validate parking on-line or with a handheld device, and implement citation enforcement/ticketing. All with one easy-to-use cloud based management system!

BIG Data, Best-In-Class Security, and Intuitive Cloud Management = Parking Made EASY!

The powder coated, stainless steel cabinet also allows for a faceplate with customizable text, colors, design and logo to extend your branding into the parking area to give your customers the best first impression. The sunlight readable LCD, illuminated keypad, and illustrated instructions ensure that the parking meters are intuitive and easy to use. These parking meters also offer: 24/7 remote monitoring and reporting, unlimited rate structure, multi-lingual on-screen text. Anti-tampering sensors, alarms and multi-point locks maximize the safety of your investment.

View account or site based dashboards that summarize daily, weekly and monthly revenue, transactions & occupancy and keep you up to date with any alerts. View and manage all aspects of your parking system with any on-line device. Change parking rates, sell passes, allow coupons, view real-time screen shots of each machine – all at the touch of your fingertips. Each user may be assigned permissions to view and/or edit data. All data changes are viewable and trackable.

When validating parking, each merchant, tenant or doctor’s office will be individually trackable for billing purposes. Each validating entity may view their real-time usage on-line.

Looking for a feature that you don’t see listed here? Please contact us to ask questions about any items not specifically addressed above.