Pay BOXX is an Unattended Parking System Revenue Control Machine.

  • 15″ interactive touch screen for ease of use
  • Programmable screen displays for easy navigation
  • Customers can purchase a daily, weekly or monthly pass, or pay with a pass that was previously purchased
  • Interfaces and images can be customized
  • Powder-coated blue with custom colors
  • Faceplate overlay customized with logo
  • Payment by coins, bills, credit or debit cards
  • Lockable coin vault and bill vault
  • Full Auditing and Self Diagnostic Tests
  • 5 alarm inputs, including machine status alarm
  • Multi-point security locks and concealed hinges
  • Real-time connection to EASE Management Software via industry standard LAN but continues to operate in off-line mode in case of loss of communication.
  • Modular design allows for easy maintenance and component replacement.

Upgrade Options

  • Intercom to phone or pager
  • Custom advertising screens, Voice Instructions
  • Heater, UPS power backup.
  • Bill Dispenser, Coin Dispensing Hoppers
  • Camera for security applications
  • Multiple languages
  • Programmable screens to show advertising
  • Bill Dispenser, Coin Dispensing Hopper
  • Pay at Exit
  • Debit
  • Illuminated Message Topper