Exit Lane: Pay In Lane Parking Equipment

Pay In Lane Parking Equipment in the Exit Lane may incorporate unattended or attended revenue control.   The most common unattended Exit BOXX configuration includes a scanner, PCI compliant encrypted credit card reader, intercom, access control reader, and a receipt printer.  Additionally the Exit BOXX may be upgraded to include an EMV reader, bill acceptor & coin/token acceptor.  If unattended revenue collection also requires that change be provided, then “Big Blue” will handle your needs.

For busy sites, payments by credit card in the Exit Lane is generally the fastest payment option for Transient Parkers.  However a more cost-effective option for smaller sites is accepting cash in the Exit Lane in addition to credit cards.  This cash/credit Exit BOXX is a cost effective way to minimize the need for walk-up payment machines, which may always be added in the future if needed.  Many garages also have “monthly” or employee Express Exit lanes, that are for access control credential holders only.

For attended revenue, the Cashier BOXX allows a cashier to rate tickets, apply discounts, scan paper or sticker validation.  Many sites offer unattended and attended in the same Exit Lane, but only staff the Cashier BOXX during peak times.

Parking BOXX’s high-speed exit and payment for its pay in lane parking equipment offer several different configuration options.  Call us to learn more!