Validations Incentivize

Parking system validations offer discounts for an individual parker. When different parking fee structures are needed to accommodate business and contractual arrangements, validations may also be used.  Here are examples:

Parking Discount Options

  1. Discount examples:
    1. Dollar: $1 discount, $5 discount
    2. Percentage: 50% discount, 100% discount
    3. Time: 4 hours free, 1 day free
  2. Re-Rate: if the normal parking rate is $5 per hour with a $25 daily max, validation may be used to “re-rate” the parking fee structure to $3 per hour with a $12 daily max. Or “re-rate” to 4 free hours, then $1 per hour with a $15 daily max.  Accommodates the most complex validation needs!
  3. Valid Number of Days or Uses: valid for 5 days from first use or valid for 10 uses.
  4. Valid Dates: expires Dec. 31, 2016
  5. Valid Times: valid for day rates but not evening rates.
  6. Loyalty: reward frequent visitors with free parking after a specified number of visits.

If you don’t see your desired validation scenario listed above, contact us to learn how we can meet your needs!

How to Validate?

  1. Validation BOXX – Scan parking ticket at Validation BOXX.  The default discount may be applied or allow selection from multiple discount options.  Validation is applied immediately.
  2. Paper Validation – Paper validations, aka chaser tickets, are used in conjunction with the parking ticket.  Validation is applied at time of payment.
  3. Sticker Validation – Sticker validations are scanned in conjunction with the parking ticket.  Validation is applied at time of payment.
  4. Web Validation – Ticket number is entered or scanned, applicable validation is selected. Validation is applied immediately.

Automated Validation

HOTEL EVENT EXAMPLE: Place a Validation BOXX in the event area for self-parking.  Signage reminds attendees to validate their parking.

Self-validation requires no additional staffing costs.  Further, because the Validation BOXX automatically applies parking validation to the parking ticket, there is no cost for additional consumables (paper coupons or stickers).   The tablet form-factor has a 7” x7” footprint that can easily fit into small spaces.

Reports may verify usage of parking validations for a particular event, including the number of validations issued, the time and date the parker entered and exited the lot, the parking charge and the value of the validation. If the validation usage exceeds a contractual limit, then additional parking fees may be charged.