Parking Made Easy.  We live it, breathe it & love it. As a parking equipment manufacturer, we’re always making tweaks, improvements, and advancements to enhance the UX (User Experience) and the OX (Operator/Owner experience). See our Study. See our branding options. See our validation options. There are so many features we want you to know about, but we digress.

Parking Equipment by ParkingBoxx
ParkingBoxx has decades of experience with parking equipment systems

Our history in parking dates back to 1939 in Montreal, Quebec. In 1943, operations expanded into Ontario. Starting with selling parking equipment, expertise evolved through organizing parking for events like Canada’s Montreal Expo 67 that had 569,500 visitors on its third day, a single-day attendance record that still stands today.

We have decades of experience as a parking equipment manufacturer. For those of you who may remember … check out the actual clock on this ticket machine. This 1981 ticket machine model was built in the same year that IBM introduced the personal computer.

1981 ticket machine model was built in the same year that IBM introduced the personal computer.
National Parking Association, IPI, CPA ACS Memberships

We’ve built, and built, and built upon that expertise. Today, we’re leading EMV implementation, providing secure cloud access, offering cool designs, more customization … all at really great pricing. We’re so confident in our value that we offer a best price guarantee. If our parking equipment has been proven to endure in the harsh Canadian winters, as well as, the tropics of the Caribbean, you can be sure that your parking system will be reliable in any environment.

And (we may be biased, but) we think that we have the best looking equipment, which of course, helps your parking lot or parking garage look great. Happy parkers are return parkers! Ask us about custom artwork with your logos to match your corporate branding.

Our goal: make it easy to operate your parking system, easy to report, easy to reach a support tech if you have questions.

We really are all about “Parking Made Easy.” Contact us to learn more or request a quote!