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Automated Parking Systems: Basic vs. Full-Featured

Automated parking systems can quickly jump in price from a Flat-Rate automated parking system to a Full-Featured System.  In the Flat-Rate configuration, only one parking fee may be charged – for 10 minutes, 10 hours or 10 days.  This means there is no Entry BOXX (ticket machine) and no option to charge by the hour.  Flat-Rate payment may be made at entry or exit. Different rates may be charged at different times and days.  For example, there may be a $10 weekday rate and a $5 weekend rate.

For many parking lots & garages, this flat rate fee structure is sufficient.  Or at least sufficient to start … particularly for new Owners/Operators who aren’t yet sure of the revenue that will be generated from the system.  One great feature about the Flat-Rate System is that it may be upgraded to a Full-Featured System at any time.  If the cost-benefit analysis of charging for parking based on “time in the lot”, rather than a “flat-fee” makes sense, then the initial investment in a Flat-Rate system won’t be lost.

How the System Works:

  • If payment at entry, the exit lane will have a free out gate.
  • If the payment is at exit, then the entry lane will have a free in gate.

Because there is less hardware involved in this automated parking system, the Flat-Rate Parking System price is lower than a Full-Featured System.

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