The Flat-Rate Parking Lot System allows for payment by credit/debit, bills, coins, coupons, or tokens. Access control for employees, monthly pass holders or tenants may be added to this system. Also wireless (3G/4G), intercoms, and remote web monitoring may be added. It should be noted that FLAT-RATE systems generally don’t give change, although this is possible if needed. Because a FLAT-RATE is charged, these systems do not allow time-based parking, such as $2.00 for the first hour and $1.00 for each additional hour. A Full-Featured Gated Parking Lot System is required to accommodate such a fee structure.


Gated parking systems ensure that all parkers pay but don’t require monitoring the lot and issuing parking citations. If you prefer gated parking but aren’t quite ready for our Full-Featured Gated Parking Lot System, you may wish to consider Parking BOXX’s Flat-Rate Parking Lot System. Such a system starts with an Entry BOXX or Exit BOXX + 2 Barrier Gates and may be easily expanded to control multiple entrances and exits.

Sample Entry FLAT-RATE Rate Structure

  • “Early Bird Rate” (M-F before 8 AM): $7.00
  • “Day Rate” (M-F from 8 AM to 5 PM): $10.00
  • “Evening Rate” (M-F after 5 PM): $3.00
  • “Weekend Day Rate” (Sat/Sun): $5.00
Parking rate calendar example

Compare to Full-Featured Gated Parking System:
Flat-Rate Parking Lot System is recommended when:

    • Parking Lot Volume is Low to Medium
    • Change Does NOT Need to Be Given (Change is possible, but not recommended. Ask us for details.)
    • Access Control Options May Be Added
    • Lower Capital Expenditure is Desired
    • No Rush of Inflow/Outflow Vehicles (a significant number of vehicles neither enters nor exits at one time)
    • Entry or Exit Speed is NOT a High Priority

Upgradable to Full-Featured Gated Parking Lot System

Compare to Multi-Space Parking Lot System (Pay & Display/Pay By License/Pay By Space):
Flat-Rate Parking Lot System is recommended when:

  • Vehicle Access to the Lot Can Be Secured By Barrier Gates
  • Desire to Ensure that All Parkers Pay
  • Monitoring Lot for Parking Violations Is Not Desired
  • Citation Issuance Is Not Desired
  • Citation Collection Is Not Desired