CardEASE – Access Control Software

//CardEASE – Access Control Software
  • Parking System Access Control Software

CardEASE – Access Control Software

Unattended Revenue Control & Total Automation

Payment by Credit/EMV, Bill, Coin + Change by Bills & Coins

If you are looking for a walk-up payment machine with total revenue control automation, the Pay BOXX “Big Blue” accepts payment by credit/EMV, bills or coins and provides change via bills and coins.  With custom colors, text, branding, logo, this parking payment machine will provide convenience for Parkers, reduced overhead for the Operator, and full financial audits for the Owner.

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Product Description

The Access Control Software is CardEASE.

  • Easily and quickly control all aspects of the access system from the Parking Server via the LAN or Cloud.
  • View real-time card usage data for ingress, egress, errors, passback, and location.
  • Scale from a single access point to many barrier gates and doors across multiple garages.
  • Configure complex access rules based on access level, card type, pathway, date & time, holidays and, timed or strict passback.
  • View real-time machine operational status, including live screen view and component status.
  • Incorporate RFID readers for Parking BOXX, HID, and many popular brands and models.
  • Generate reports, export data as HTML, Excel, CSV, XML, or PDF data for further manipulation or integration.
  • View detailed system logs and monitor via email/text alerts.
  • Create granular user permissions to limit software access.
  • Automate data back-ups. Optional RAID fail-over drive.
  • Integrate with third-party systems.

Add + Reports

Quickly create card types and add new cards and cardholders in the software or WebEASE from anywhere on your network or in the Cloud.

View real-time data.  Generate reports by start + end date/time.  Export data as HTML, Excel, CSV, XML, PDF.


Software Access


Access the Card Access Software:

  • Cloud: Access the Card Access Server, CardEASE software or WebEASE from the Cloud.
  • LAN: Access the Server, CardEASE or WebEASE directly through your LAN.
  • Workstation: Install a CardEASE client directly on any Windows device in your network. Create a desktop shortcut to WebEASE on any device/any OS in your network.



99.99% Server Uptime, plus options to match your needs:

• The Rackmount Server: Optimized CPU, RAM and design ensure high availability for high volume sites. Optional mirrored RAID drive optimizes up-time in the event of a drive failure. Rackmount form factor utilizes your existing server room security features. Physical security ensures only authorized personnel access this Server via authorized user accounts. (Server 2012 or W7)

• The Server/Workstation: for sites that want to utilize the Server as a workstation. Includes LCD, keyboard, and mouse. Coupons/reports printer is optional. (Server 2012 or W7)

• The Economy Server: for budget-conscious sites with low volume traffic. This option may also incorporate an LCD, keyboard, mouse and coupons/reports printer. (W7 only)