EASE Parking Management Software & Parking Server

//EASE Parking Management Software & Parking Server
  • EASE Parking Management Software

EASE Parking Management Software & Parking Server

Central Parking System Control

Quickly & easily control all aspects of EASE, the parking management software, from the Parking Server via the LAN or Cloud. View real-time transaction counts, ticket status, space available, counts, RFID access control usage.  Configure complex parking rate structures, re-rates, and more!

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Product Description

Full-featured parking management software.

The Parking Management Software is called EASE.

  • Easily and quickly control all aspects of the parking system from the Parking Server via the LAN or Cloud.
  • View real-time transaction counts, ticket status, space available counts, RFID access control usage.
  • Scale from a single parking laneway to many laneways across multiple garages.
  • Configure complex parking rate structures, re-rates, validations, discounts, coupons.
  • View real-time machine operational status, including live screen view and component status.
  • Incorporate RFID access control credentials (access permissions, usage control) & holders (monthly parkers, employees, etc.).
  • Generate reports, export data to HTML, Excel, CSV, XML, or PDF data for further manipulation or integration.
  • Audit trails may be printed at stations to enhance cash controls.
  • View detailed system logs and monitor via email/text alerts.
  • Create granular user permissions to limit access.
  • Automate data back-ups. Optional RAID fail-over drive.
  • Integrate with third-party systems.
  • PCI & EMV Compliant
  • UPS backup protects electronics and provides stable current.



  • Discount (amount, time, percentage) or re-rate via:
    • On-line validation stations
    • Web-based validation
    • Coupon chaser tickets or printed stickers


  • Automated pass sales


View real-time data. Generate reports by start + end date/time. Export data as HTML, Excel, CSV, XML, PDF.


• The Rackmount Parking Server: Optimized CPU, RAM and design ensure high availability for high volume sites. Optional mirrored RAID drive optimizes up-time in the event of a drive failure. Rackmount form factor utilizes your existing server room security features. Physical security ensures only authorized personnel access this Server via authorized user accounts. (Server 2012 or W7)

• The Parking Server/Workstation: for sites that want to utilize the Server as a workstation. Includes LCD, keyboard, and mouse. Coupons/reports printer is optional. (Server 2012 or W7)

• The Economy Parking Server: for budget-conscious sites with low volume traffic. This option may also incorporate an LCD, keyboard, mouse and coupons/reports printer. (W7 only)



EASE modules include: EASE (parking operations, counters, occupancy, parking passes), PayEASE (revenue calculation, collection & PCI/EMV/Interac compliant payments), CardEASE (RFID access credentials), DiscEASE (validations, coupons, re-rates), DiscPrint (coupons printing), MonitorEASE (system performance, email/text alerts), ReportEASE (reporting), WebEASE (browser based report access).


CashEASE (cashier/attendant), ValEASE (validation station), GuestEASE (hotel guest station), VideoEASE (video monitoring), CallEASE (intercom/help calls via VoIP or analog), License Plate Recognition, License Plate Inventory, EventEASE (event reservations), Valet Parking, Pay By Phone, Hotel Guest Integrations, Validation Integrations.