Guest BOXX – Hotel Parking System

//Guest BOXX – Hotel Parking System
  • Guest BOXX Hotel Parking System

Guest BOXX – Hotel Parking System

Create a guest parking credential in seconds.

  • Having a Room Key Card plus a Guest Parking Credential allows Guests to leave the Room Key Card in their room or at the front desk upon check out.
  • By placing a collection slot at Parking Exit (for Guests checking out), parking credentials may be recycled.
  • Minimal training for Front Desk Agents – intuitive, user friendly process.
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Product Description

CHECK-IN PROCESS (pre-programmed credential):  The front desk agent will have pre-printed passes for multiple options (for example: 1-night, 3-nights, and 5-nights).  During Guest check-in, the front desk agent gives the Guest a parking credential for the appropriate length of stay.

CHECK-IN PROCESS (activate credential at check-in):  During Guest check-in, the front desk agent uses the Guest BOXX check-in terminal to enter room number and number of nights.   Next, the credential is scanned or swiped to activate it as a valid card for the duration of the Guest’s stay.  Finally a message is displayed to indicate that the credential has been successfully added to the parking system.

How It Works

  • Upon Check-In, the Guest is given a credential to access the parking area.
  • When a Guest scans/swipes the credential at the Reader on the parking Entry or Exit kiosk, the Reader sends the info to the Parking Server, which responds with a “valid” or “invalid” card message.
  • If “valid,” the barrier gate opens. If “invalid” the LCD displays the message, i.e. “Card Expired”.
  • The Parking BOXX system offers pass-back features and provides full reporting via CardEASE on credential usage to know when and where each credential was used.
  • For other vehicles entering the parking area, a button is pressed to print a ticket, then gate opens.
  • For hotel employee parking, it is recommended that RFID card are utilized.

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