Pay BOXX “Big Blue” – Parking Machine

//Pay BOXX “Big Blue” – Parking Machine
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Pay BOXX “Big Blue” – Parking Machine

Unattended Revenue Control & Total Automation

Payment by Credit/EMV, Bill, Coin + Change by Bills & Coins

If you are looking for a walk-up payment machine with total revenue control automation, the Pay BOXX “Big Blue” accepts payment by credit/EMV, bills or coins and provides change via bills and coins.  With custom colors, text, branding, logo, this parking payment machine will provide convenience for Parkers, reduced overhead for the Operator, and full financial audits for the Owner.

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Product Description

The Pay BOXX “Big Blue” parking machine may be configured to accept credit card/EMV, bills, and coins.  Change is available via bills and coins.  If you’re wondering how the “Big Blue” pay station got it’s name, we’d like to thank our lovely customer, Phillip, who in his gentlemanly southern accent coined the phrase “Big Blue,” then got us all hooked.

  • PayEASE is the fully automated POS module of EASE, the Parking Management Software (PMS), that manages multiple rate structures, discounts, coupons, passes and more!
  • 15” interactive touch-screen offers customizable/ advertising images, programmable story boards, & multiple languages provide easy navigation.
  • Custom branding: corporate colors, logo and customized text.
  • Eater/scanner reads tickets, coupons, applies discounts and validations.
  • Sell daily, weekly or monthly pass. Allow payment with a pass that was already purchased.
  • Process real-time payments via encrypted credit card reader or EMV reader, contactless/TAP & pin pad.
  • Pay station accept bills & coin payments and provides change.
  • Bill & coin vaults have dual locks: first key removes cash vault from cabinet, second key opens cash vault.
  • Paid tickets are re-rated or issued upon payment. Receipt printing may be automatic or optional.
  • Real-time connection to EASE via LAN – continues to operate in off-line mode in case of network loss.
  • Full audits and self-diagnostic tests.
  • UPS backup power protects electronics, provides stable current, and offers surge suppression.
  • Powder coated, stainless steel cabinet with multi-point locks.


  • Add an intercom (VoIP or analog)
  • Add cameras for security applications.
  • Upgrade to a 2D scanner to read QR codes and phone screens.
  • Add custom voice instructions.
  • Include a heater or dehumidifier.


• 100% of Survey participants found the “grouped payment options” to be “very helpful.”
• 90% of Senior survey participants rated the 15” touch-screen LCD as “Very Helpful”