Entry Parking Ticket Machine

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Entry Parking Ticket Machine

High-Speed Ticketing

Print entry ticket, pay on entrance, or allow pre-paid event parking.

If you are looking for an easy to use parking ticket dispenser machine, the Entry BOXX is the most user friendly option available.  With custom colors, text, branding, logo, this parking ticket dispenser machine will provide a great first impression for people entering your parking lot or garage.

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Product Description

You call this a parking ticket dispenser, a ticket dispenser machine or a parking ticketing machine.  We call it an Entry BOXX.

  • Provides on-line real time ticketing data. Press button, take ticket, barrier gate opens.
  • Custom branding: corporate colors, logo and customized text.
  • Sunlight readable LCD with 4-lines & customized instructions.
  • Intelligent thermal ticket with multiple lines of text, barcode, date & time, ticket number, lane number & custom header.
  • Issues 5,250 thermal tickets per paper fill. Also see our high-capacity dual-printer option.
  • Single ticket issues only when a vehicle is present and barrier gate arm is closed.
  • Retracted tickets are invalidated and stored in collection bin.
  • Vehicle back-out invalidates ticket.
  • UPS backup power protects electronics, provides stable current, and offers surge suppression.
  • Powder-coated, stainless steel cabinet with multi-point locks.
  • Off-line mode saves transactions for syncing upon reconnect.
  • Slim profile: 15” x 11” footprint. (38cm x 28cm)

Optional Features

  • Add an intercom (VoIP or analog).
  • Utilize RFID card access readers (proximity or long range) with your existing building access system or CardEASE.
  • Incorporate a scanner for printed passes or event tickets. Upgrade to a 2D scanner to read QR codes and phone screens.
  • Add PayEASE the POS module of EASE to process real-time payments via encrypted credit card reader or EMV reader, contactless/TAP & pin pad with store & forward for flat-rate or event payments on entry.
  • 12” full-color touch-screen LCD (with credit card only)
  • Add a custom voice greeting. Add security cameras.
  • Include a thermostatically controlled heater or dehumidifier.
  • Add lot open/full, space available, and other signage.


  • Intuitive: 100% Rated “Very Easy to Use”

“Simple as it could be!” – Survey participant.

“I have never used a parking machine before and this was very easy.” – Survey participant.

Alternate Terms

We’ve heard the following industry phrases for this parking machine:

parking ticket dispenser
ticket dispenser machine
parking ticketing machine
car parking ticketing machine