Parking Payment Machines:  With Barrier Gates -OR- Without Barrier Gates

Parking machines & parking payment machines control parking, generate revenue and provide accountability.  The first step in researching a parking machine is determining if you are looking for a parking system with barrier gates or without barrier gates.

Parking Payment Machines

Parking systems with barrier gates control ingress and egress for a parking lot.  A Flat-Rate Parking System is the most basic starting system.  This involves a flat-rate payment on entry OR exit.  If there were two laneways (i.e. one Entry Lane + one Exit Lane), then only one lane would require a parking payment machine.  The other lane would have a barrier gate that detects the presence of a vehicle, which opens the gate or a “free” in/out gate.  This second gate prevents vehicles from driving out the wrong way and avoiding payment.

If you wish to charge for parking based on time in the lot (rather than a flat rate regardless of parked in the lot), then a Full-Featured Parking System is what you’re looking for.   This type of system prints a ticket upon Entry, then at Exit a parking fee is charged based on the time spent in the lot.   The Full-Featured System can incorporate unattended parking machine payments, attended parking machine payments, intercoms, access cards, validations, parking reservations, and many other features.

Parking Payment Machines

These walk-up parking machines allow parking payment for Pay & Display, Pay By License, or Pay By Space.  There are no barrier gates to control access to the lot.  Parkers enter, park, then pay.  For Pay & Display mode, a receipt may be required to be placed on the dashboard of the vehicle so that that Parking Enforcement Officers may easily enforce parking violations.

For Pay By Space mode, the Parker enters the space number where they parked, then pays for parking.  Parking Enforcement Officers may print Valid Space or Empty Space reports to monitor parking violations.  Also, such reports may be viewed on-line or on parking citation writers.  Similarly with the Pay By License mode, the Parker enters their license plate, then pays for parking.  Parking Enforcement Officers may view valid license reports from the parking machine, on-line or on their parking citation writer.