Parking Software & Parking Management Software

EASE Parking Management Software is an easy-to-use Windows-based program with point-and-click functionality that allows you to effectively and efficiently manage your parking system.  The parking software arrives preconfigured with all lots, lanes, counters, rates, coupons and passes pre-programmed and factory tested.  User groups and permissions may be customized for each user with add, delete, edit and/or read permissions for each section of the parking software.

The rate structures in EASE parking software offer enhanced flexibility with Early Bird parking rates (based on lot entry time only or lot entry and lot exit before times).  Each rate period offers the ability to be based on a midnight or 24-hour clock, to charge multiple fee options with maximum, and to have individual grace period as well as free parking time.  The rates may be customized based on time, day, week and month.

Parking Coupons may be generated in the EASE parking software.  Coupons offer significant flexibility to provide percentage or dollar discounts as well as re-rating the ticket to a separate rate structure available only to the holder of that coupon.  Coupons can be single use, multi-use or number of days from first use and have a forced expiration date.     Popular uses for coupons include a one free exit for volunteer coupon, $2.00 flat rate parking fee for a special event or a 50% parking discount provided by visiting a building tenant.   Parking software coupons can accommodate various parking rate structures negotiated by building owners and tenants and their customers.   (Also see Validation).

Parking Passes may be purchased through the parking software at the Pay Stations and may be valid for a number of days from purchase, set date range or number of uses.  Parking Passes include pass back features to control usage.  An example of a popular parking pass is a One-Day Pass that allows the customer to enter and exit the lot until either midnight or for a 24-hour period from purchase.  Such a pass may be used by hospitals, where visitors wish to leave the hospital grounds for lunch and dinner, but will be charged one daily rate.  Other popular pass options in parking software are weekly or monthly parking passes.

Parking software-based Counters allow all entries and exits, including type (transient, access card or pass-based), to be tracked.  EASE parking software provides easy to understand “space available” counts plus available spaces within each lot.  Tracking of transient entry and/or access control entry by lane with a virtually unlimited number of counting options is available.  Counters can control lot open/full signs as well as dynamic available spaces signage.   In addition to the soft counts, hard counts may be added to any entry or exit lane in the parking system.

EASE parking software includes CardEASE, a full-featured card access control system, in addition to numerous advanced features including Car Pool and Pathways.  For more about CardEASE please click here.  Additionally, EASE parking software has options for Validation and Hotel Integration both LAN-based or off-site through our BOXX Cloud.

Parking software reporting tools include Live Tickets, Expired Tickets, All Open Tickets, Tickets by Date(s), Rate, Coupon, Cash and Credit reports as well as Audit Reports that match the printed audits at the machines, Entry/Exit Reports, Length of Stay Reports and General Manager Reports.

WebEASE is an additional way for users to conveniently access parking system data, including the above reports and numerous other Machine Status Reports and Alerts, and to add any Custom Reports.   An example of a recent custom report developed for a parking structure with a somewhat unique billing arrangement is as follows:  The parking garage operator didn’t want to know the total parking fee value for each coupon used, but rather how many vehicles were parked in the lot that used a particular coupon for each hour of each day.  This custom report allowed the operator to continue billing their customer based on an “in lot” vehicle count over a designated number of prepaid spaces.

If you have custom parking software reporting requirements and to learn more about our easy-to-use parking management systems, call Parking BOXX today!