Walk-Up Parking Payment: Unattended or Attended Parking Machine

These walk-up parking payment machines allow you to customize the exact options you want to offer including: full color touch screens, PCI compliance encrypted card readers, EMV + PIN, bills, coins, printed receipt and more!  Select from and unattended or attended parking machine.  For unattended, the most basic walk-up payment machine is the credit card only Mini Pay BOXX.  The next step up is accepting bills or coins in addition to credit card payments.  Also this may be upgraded from a 4-line display to a 12″ touch screen to enhance usability for your customers.

If the unattended payment machine is required to give change, then look at “Big Blue”,  which offers total unattended automation, including change by bills and coins and a 15″ touch screen.

For attended walk-up payment options, a Cashier BOXX may be configured to update a Ticket to be marked as paid for use in the Exit Lane or print an Exit Ticket to be valid for exit within a specified time period from payment.   The Cashier BOXX can rate tickets, apply discounts such as coupons or apply a discount directly via the Cashier BOXX.

Any payment device will automatically recognize validations that have already been applied to a ticket.