Annual Parking Revenue Estimator

To estimate annual parking revenue, please fill in the below values. There are two options. First, there is a Basic Calculator. Second, the Advanced Calculator allows you to view monthly parker revenue and set different rates for transient parkers for up to three different periods. We’ve broken down into the most common options but fell free to change the column title based on your circumstances.

Basic Calculator

Basic Calculator


Daily Parkers

Avg. Parking Price

Days Per Year


This assumes that you have 150 parkers per day for 365 days per year. Each paying $5.


Estimated Annual Parking Revenue

Advanced Calculator

Advanced Calculator

Monthly Parkers


Monthly Passes

Monthly Price






Avg. Transient Price

Days Per Week

Weeks Per Year



Parking Stalls

% Occupancy




This assumes that you have 100 Parking Stalls with 80% occupancy that has a turnover of 1 time per day, 5 days per week, 40 weeks per year. Each paying $5.


Estimated Annual Parking Revenue

Keep in mind that parking revenue analysis can be broken down even further by analyzing each hourly rate, the specific times of entry, exit, length of stay, and many more variables. This is just a starting point to help you understand how your parking system can generate revenue!

Parking Stalls: This is the number of available parking stalls or spaces for a particular type of parking. Many parking garages offer monthly parking at a monthly rate. Stalls are typically reserved for those monthly parkers. If your parking lot or garage does not offer a particular rate, then please enter 0 in that column.

Percentage % Occupancy: This is the percentage of stalls that are occupied by vehicles. For example if there 100 Parking Stalls and 50 have vehicles, the occupancy rate is 50%.

Turnover: This is the number of times that each parking space has a different vehicle. If each parking stall has two different vehicles each day, then the turnover rate is 2.

Monthly Price: This applies only to Monthly parkers. If you select a Monthly Price, you should not enter a Transient Price.

Avg. Transient Price: This is the average price paid by visitors who pay on an hourly or daily basis. If your rate is $2 per hour with a daily max of $20, but the average price is $10, use the average price.

Days Per Week: The days per week is relevant to determine for calculating transient parking revenue. For example, if your parking lot is mostly occupied during the business day for 52 weeks a year, then these values will help to determine how many days that revenue applies.

Weeks Per Year: If your parking garage handles parking for 20 weekend special events but doesn’t otherwise have weekend parking, then you may wish to enter 20 in this field. This field is not applicable to monthly parkers.