Smart parking solutions meet the most demanding operational requirements.  View parking solutions by system type, industry & feature.

Parking Solutions By Industry

Parking Solutions by Feature

View parking solutions by system type, by industry, or by feature.

First, learn about different aspects of parking solutions broken down by system type:

  1. Full-Featured Systems (including entry lane, walk-up payment, exit lane, hotel options, management software, validation, barrier gates and accessories)
  2. Flat-Rate Parking Systems (including flat-rate payment machines, including the ultra-low cost Coin Station Machine (CSM), validation & access, hotel options, software & network, barrier gates and accessories)
  3. Parking Access Control System (including access control pedestals, card readers & credentials, adding access control to Entry BOXX or Exit BOXX, barrier gates, intercoms and access control software)
  4. Smart Parking Meters (including Pay & Display (P&D), Pay By Space (PBS), Pay By License (PBL), CloudEASE Parking Management Software, plus validations and discounts)
  5. P-123 (pay by phone) to purchase or extend parking time on-line.

Second, learn about parking solutions by industry, including airport & off-airport, city & government, hotel & resort, hospital & healthcare facilities, marina & campground, office buildings & commercial properties, shopping centers & retail locations, theme park & destination location, as well as university & education.

Third, there are parking solutions listed by feature to highlight an item of interest, including PCI compliant and EMV credit card processing, Coupons & Validations, Employee & Tenant Parking, Transient Parking, VoIP or Analog intercoms.

There are many factors to consider when determining the ideal parking solution to meet your needs.  Some of the items to review that will help arrive at the best configuration include: number of entry and exit lanes, number of parking spaces, what parking rates will be charged, what types of payments (credit, bills, coins) will be accepted, will payment stations be attended or unattended, and what is the approximate budget.  Parking BOXX has systems starting at $99 ranging into hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Contact Parking BOXX to request a quote or to learn more!