Theme parks, water parks and amusement parks offer attractions, rides and entertainment for the enjoyment of a large number of people.  In this industry, customer satisfaction is critical, and getting the visitors into the park is key.  As large crowds arrive and depart en masse, amusement park parking systems need to ensure fast entry and exit.  Additionally, wayfaring and directional signage in a theme park parking system aids guests in finding open spaces more quickly.

Prepaid parking passes, season parking passes & day passes can be marketed and sold in conjunction with other product offerings and integrated with ticketing systems.  Reading various barcode formats from a phone screen, a plain piece of paper, or a glossy stock ticket is easy with Parking BOXX’s multi-format barcode reader.

Parking BOXX’s EASE Management Software offers flexibility while maintaining detailed financial data to inform future business decisions.

If your group is looking for theme park parking equipment, amusement park parking equipment, or destination parking systems, contact Parking BOXX to learn more about how we can exceed your business requirements.

Interesting Industry Facts:

  • The world’s oldest operating amusement park, Blakken, opened in 1583.
  • With a history starting in the 1920’s, Knott’s Berry Farm claims to be “America’s First Theme Park.”
  • There are nearly 4,000 roller coasters in parks across the world!