Providing customers with a safe and secure environment is a key requirement of owning or managing a campground or marina.

One way to improve safety is by implementing a barrier gate access system to restrict vehicle access to the property.  Implementing a campground or marina access system can restrict who can enter the park and when, limit access to those who have paid to be there and prevent unwanted or dangerous people from easily driving onto the property.  An access system and Parking BOXX equipment provide visitors with peace of mind.

  • Security – gated access will allow for systematic entry and exit point for staff and visitors, thereby reducing crime and property damage
  • Revenue – gated systems can be a major source of revenue generation
  • Increases attractiveness – gated systems enhance the attractiveness of campgrounds for it’s visitors

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Southwoods RV Resort

Love the new gate system; everything is running smoothly and wish we had put them in years ago!

Sue Curran, Southwoods RV Resort

parking gate southwoods
Long Lake Park Campground

Thank you Parking BOXX for installing our gate this spring.  We wanted you to know that we doubled our revenue in the first 6 months from 2012 just in gate passes.  Having control of people entering the campground is wonderful too.  We knew that we were losing some money but never dreamed that it would be that extreme.  It is the best decision we have made.  We just wish we had not waited nine years to have it installed.

Doug and Jamille Hawkins, Long Lake Park Campground

Parking console close up

Thanks Parking BOXX! My system is working great! It provides security & extra revenue.  Plus it is lovely and pretty!

Larry from Duke Creek Campground

Duke Creek Campground
Parkig access control gates
NOR-WIN Farm & Campsite

Emily DeWind

Parking equipment for marina and campground, RV park use
Green Lake Campground
Parking Boxx access gates at marinas and campgrounds
Parking Boxx gates at campgrounds
Quinte's Isle Campark
campground parking gate equipment

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Parking BOXX provides gated systems that are affordable and suit the needs of various campgrounds and marinas.  BOXX’s campground parking equipment allows all entry and exit activity from the site to be recorded for real-time views.  Additionally, BOXX’s Access Control Pedestal is constructed of weatherproof stainless steel and includes important features:

  • high-contrast customer interface display
  • proximity reader
  • card access controller

Campgrounds are the single largest family vacation destinations in the travel industry.  North Americans spend billions of dollars at campgrounds and on camping-related products each year. Make sure your campground or marina stands out in the crowd!


Interesting Industry Facts:

  • Camping is one of the most popular outdoor recreational activities in the United States, campgrounds and RV park revenue is estimated at around five billion U.S. dollars.
  • Campground rentals account for about 75% of industry revenue; other sources of revenue include membership fees (6%); and sales of food and beverages (4%).  RV parks also generate revenue by selling fuel, souvenirs, vehicle parts and accessories.
  • The National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) estimates that there are more than 800,00 boat slips in the United States at the 12,000 marinas, boatyards, yacht clubs and related facilities.