City parking systems must be able to accommodate a wide variety of rate structures and validations and be user-friendly to the general parking public.  Ensuring that the parking kiosks comply with applicable disabilities laws is a must.

Further, city & government parking operations require controls to ensure that areas with paid parking are requiring and receiving payment.   Utilizing the management reports to properly control cash, credit and debit receipts will help to ensure compliance with procedures.  Audit reports, transaction reports, reconciliation of vehicles entering and exiting the lot with revenue collection reports, and controls maximize revenue and minimize employee misconduct.

Accountability for validation and coupons used by the city parking system allow restricting discounts to specific periods and dates.  Cash collection in locked vaults with separate keys for removing the vault and opening the vault allow for segregation of cash handling duties.  Printed cash collection audit reports may be reconciled against the cash collected and deposited.

Little Rock Becomes First City To Incorporate New EMV Technology

“Parking BOXX has been an excellent choice for the multiple facilities in Little Rock.
Year over year revenue increases from inception, as well as much improved equipment performance and enhanced reporting capabilities, made expansion with Parking BOXX an easy decision for both the Little Rock Convention & Visitors Bureau and the City of Little Rock.”

– Senior Director of Facility Maintenance & Engineering

“Parking BOXX has done an amazing job supporting us.”
– Parking Manager

Municipal Parking Equipment EMV
City Parking Equipment installed in a garage
EMV City Parking System

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Interesting Industry Facts:

  • The world’s first parking meter (invented by Carl C. Magee), known as Park-O-Meter No. 1, was installed in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma on July 16, 1935. Meters help create parking turnover by keeping spaces from being used for extended periods.
  • The top 3 most traffic-jam prone cities in North America in 2015: 1. Mexico City 2. Los Angeles 3. Vancouver.