Delight your guests

Hotel guest satisfaction is at an all-time high.  When a guest feels good about their selection of hotel, it increases the likelihood the guest will return for another stay and recommend it to others.  Don’t let your hotel parking experience negatively impact your excellent reviews.

Hotels have been able to create a positive guest experience and improve guest satisfaction by proactively addressing guest’s needs.  This loyal retention strategy relates to the entire guest experience – including the hotel parking system.

Parking BOXX has the expertise to help you design a hotel parking system to best meet your needs.  For example, our space-saving Guest BOXX creates a parking card in seconds.  Or if integration with an existing Room Key Card System is preferred, Parking BOXX can integrate with any system.  Validations for events, special guests, vendors, restaurant patrons are easy.

In addition to full-featured functionality, our style and branding are customized to your hotel, which lets guests and visitors know they are in the correct parking area and extends your brand to the curb.  On the back-end, Parking BOXX systems ensure that the financial audits and operational controls provide management with the data to make informed business decisions.  Contact us to learn more about hotel parking equipment options.

Hotel Parking System Check In Terminal

Quickly create parking cards for your guests!  Enter the room and number of nights then scan or swipe the card.  That’s it!  View real-time individual card usage (card ID, room number, in/out time & date, laneway) and generate reports.  The Guest BOXX integrates with the full-featured parking systems by Parking BOXX including paid transient parking, passes, coupons, validation, cashier stations, and access cards for employees and vendors.

What makes this Hotel Parking System unique?

Hotel parking & room card integrations can be expensive and complicated.  Bulky desktop parking terminals require a large amount of counter area.  The space-saving Guest BOXX has a 7″ x 7″ footprint and is easy to use.  This system can immediately incorporate hotel guest parking with bar code stickers or printed parking cards.  The Guest BOXX also integrates with hotel room cards using magnetic stripe or RFID cards.  Ask us about integration options!  Let us make parking EASY!


Complete back-end integrations are also available with your Hotel Check-In System.  By sending or posting the relevant guest parking details from the hotel system to the Parking BOXX system, all check-in details can be handled behind the scenes.


Hotel parking systems may incorporate Entry & Exit Stations for visitors who are paying by the hour in addition to hotel guest parking.  Card reader access is available for employees or regular visitors.  To keep traffic moving, truck height pedestals and entry station parking equipment may be added to busy laneways that frequently accommodate taller vehicles.  If your hotel needs to add cashier stations, either in the laneway or at the front desk, validation for restaurants, conferences or special events, plus paid parking, Parking BOXX systems offer full-featured functionality to meet your needs.  To learn more about how Parking BOXX can accommodate your hotel parking system needs, contact us.

Parking BOXX has completed numerous parking lot customization and integration projects.  If you are looking for something that you don’t see here, please contact us.  Let us show you how 75 years of industry experience can enhance your guest experience!

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Interesting Industry Facts:

  • The oldest hotel is a hot spring hotel in Japan founded in 705 AD.  With 1300 years of history, the hotel has been operated by 52 generations of the same family.
  • The US has nearly 5 million hotel rooms with an average of 93 rooms per hotel.  China is second with 1.5 million rooms and an average of 132 rooms per hotel.
  • Coco Chanel, the French fashion designer, lived at the Ritz Hotel Paris for more than 37 years.  The luxurious Coco Chanel Suite rents for over $12,000 per night.