Traveler experience is the focal point of the airport industry strategy.  To improve overall satisfaction, airports prioritize management of the end-to-end experience for their travelers, which includes airport and off-airport parking systems.

Terminal facilities and airport accessibility are the two most important factors in measuring overall satisfaction.  To ensure fast and efficient parking facilities, user friendly airport parking equipment helps to make the traveler’s airport experience more enjoyable.

By offering reliable, full-featured airport parking systems, Parking BOXX hardware and software allows airports to incorporate complex rate structures for travelers on a one-day or multi-month trip.  Incorporate coupons & validations, business receipts, high capacity Entry BOXX ticketing, express exit lanes, Pay BOXX in baggage claim with customized grace periods to exit, Cashier BOXX, and many more options to enhance the traveler’s satisfaction.

Interesting Industry Facts:

  • With smartphone penetration among fliers up to 83%, mobile boarding pass use is expected to more than double within a year and be the preferred choice of 18% of passengers.
  • Despite many programs introducing mobile payments, using the phone for purchases is “of less importance” to passengers.  2015 Passenger IT Trends Survey
  • Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, with over 101 million passengers, is the world’s busiest airport by passenger traffic. Beijing Capital International Airport is second with 90 million passengers. (2015)