Commercial & office parking systems accommodate tenants, monthly parkers, visitors and customers.  In negotiating leases, the building owners and managers need a parking system to accommodate the legal terms pertaining to negotiated parking rates.  Transient parkers should also be given convenient options to pay for parking.

Parking BOXX business parking systems provide flexibility to accommodate complex rate structures, unlimited re-rate options, as well as multiple validation options.  ScanEASE module and scanner reads printed on screen validations and coupons.  ValEASE applies the validation directly to the parking ticket.  Multiple options make Parking BOXX an ideal partner to meet your business parking system needs.

Branding is important for a consumer-facing property.  Parking BOXX business parking equipment prominently displays your logo, colors and languages.

The EASE Parking Management Software (PMS) allows tracking of vehicles entering and exiting the lots, real-time space available reports as well as revenue and validation usage tracking.

Interesting Industry Facts:

  • 3 billion: the number of commercial buildings (office, warehouse, service & mercantile) in the United States
  • 44.9 billion square feet: commercial floor space in the United States