Customer satisfaction & loyalty are impacted by the mall’s navigation & accessibility.  The shopping center parking system can play a role in both factors.

Parking BOXX systems allow shoppers to quickly enter the parking area, view directional and space available signage to quickly find a parking space.  Validations and coupons may be offered by individual stores or with advertisements for the shopping center.  Parkers may quickly pay for parking via automated parking machines, in-lane automated payments, or human cashiers.  Parkers with questions may “Call for Assistance” at any device.

Branding is important for a consumer-facing property.  Parking BOXX mall parking equipment prominently displays your logo, colors and languages.  This lets customers know they are in the correct location, which can be a concern for larger properties with many entrances.

The EASE Parking Management Software (PMS) allows tracking of vehicles entering and exiting the lots, real-time space available reports as well as revenue and validation usage tracking.

Interesting Industry Facts:

  • The first enclosed mall was developed in a suburb of Minneapolis in 1956.
  • The largest shopping mall in North America is the West Edmonton Mall in Alberta, Canada with 3.8 million leasable square feet.
  • The largest shopping mall in the world is New South China Mall with 7.1 million leasable square feet.