University campuses, similar to small cities, contain athletic fields, housing, libraries, classrooms, and numerous other facilities.  University parking systems require a wide range of functionality to accommodate faculty, students, employees and staff.  Installing and utilizing an effective university parking system for universities can help to ensure the viability and accountability of this significant revenue stream.

Critical elements of a university parking system include:

  • Gated Parking Systems with In-Lane Payment & Walk Up Payment
  • Parking Meter Kiosks
  • Pay by Phone
  • Wayfaring & Directional Signage
  • Parking Management Software

By using parking equipment in campus parking facilities, schools can automate their parking systems, resulting in a more cost-effective and efficient method of monitoring parking. Parking BOXX’s Gated Parking Systems provide affordable parking solutions for universities.

Effective university parking systems create a safer, more livable campus for students and provide a viable revenue stream for the educational institution.

Interesting Industry Facts:

  • 5,300: total number of colleges & universities in the United States.
  • 399: total colleges & universities in California – the state with the largest numbers of colleges & universities.
  • 25,000: the highest number of parking spaces at a university in the United States.