1st EMV Chip & PIN unattended

Parking System in the United States!

At the forefront of integrating the most secure technology.

Parking BOXX installed the first EMV- enabled Chip & PIN unattended parking system in the United States. Parking BOXX was also the first to certify the Verifone UX 400 with Moneris in the United States & Canada.  As an experienced partner, trust us to help guide you through how EMV impacts your parking system.

Work with the most secure solution…  Chip & PIN EMV® is a global standard for credit payment cards based on chip card technology.  This new mode of payment technology processes card payments using a card that contains a microprocessor chip.  These transactions are often referred to as “Chip and PIN” because PIN entry is required to verify the customer is the genuine cardholder.

In Canada, Interac® Direct Payment (IDP) is an electronic method of payment for goods and services using bank cards.  Similar to EMV, PIN entry is also required to use Interac for safe and secure electronic transactions.  Parking BOXX offers this secure solution for our customers in Canada.

Data Security Is Imperative


Work with the most secure solution… Parking BOXX software has been certified out of scope for PA-DSS by a QSA auditor.  By having no unencrypted credit card data in the system means that even if a hacker were to infiltrate your site or the BOXXSystem, they would not be able to steal any credit card numbers.  We offer the most secure solution.

Limit Your PCI Scope!


What is PCI:The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard is a set of requirements designed to ensure that all companies that process, store or transmit credit card information maintain a secure environment.

At the forefront of integrating the most secure technology, the Parking BOXX System receives only encrypted credit card data from the card reader.  Neither BOXX nor the merchant has any way to decipher this data.  This QSA validated, industry-leading solution better protects you and limits your PCI Scope.

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