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Parking System Validation

Parking System Validation On-Line & Real-Time.  View the many parking system validation options, including the Validation BOXX, paper parking coupons or stickers to discount parking. Create validation types for a percentage discount, dollar discount, time discount or re-rate to a completely new parking fee structure!

The Validation BOXX allows for multiple available validation types to be pre-programmed as buttons on the Validation BOXX screen.  Selecting the parking validation, then scanning the ticket takes seconds.  The parking ticket is immediately validated, so that when the Parker scans the ticket for Payment or Exit, the discount is automatically applied.  The Validation BOXX, a popular parking equipment validation option, has a small 7 inch by 7 in footprint and stylish design to look great in any environment.

Alternatively or in addition to parking equipment validation, printed parking validations (coupons or stickers) may be sold to merchants, partners and tenants in advance.  Or bill after usage of the validations.  Running reports for each validation type for a specific time period is easy!

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