Parking Ticketing System

Parking BOXX’s full-featured parking ticketing system begins with an Entry Lane.  Upon entry, a barrier gate arm is in the down position, which requires the Parker to take an action at the Entry BOXX or Access Control Pedestal prior to the gate arm opening.  For example, a monthly Parker would present their access credential for approval.  Once the credential has been approved for the date, time and location, the card transaction data is recorded to EASE, the Parking Management Software, then the barrier gate arm opens.

Alternatively, transient Parkers may press a button to take a ticket, swipe credit card to confirm time in, or pay a flat rate and receive an ticket.  The options available at the Entry BOXX depend on the desired system configuration.  When a button is pressed, an encrypted time-stamped barcode is printed with custom text, the ticket number and the date and time of entry.  That ticket information is also recorded to EASE, the Parking Management Software.  If the Entry BOXX is configured for a time and date (i.e. for the Friday evening concert there is a flat rate of $10 to be paid at entry), then the Entry BOXX will disable the ticket printing and display a message to display the rate due upon entry.  Upon successful payment, a Ticket is printed and the barrier gate arm opens.

View the parking ticketing system configuration options, including Entry BOXX with ticket dispenser, credit card hash on entry, access card reader and credentials (RFID or long range), plus barrier gates.