Flat-Rate Automated Parking System

Parking control equipment allows parking lot and garage owners and managers to restrict access to their lot as well as generate revenue. Parking control systems improve security, restrict vehicle access to specified areas, track who entered these specific areas, when they enter and exit, allow passback restrictions to be set, generate revenue, and provide reporting capabilities.

When a gated parking system is utilized, this allows the system to control the entry and exit lanes of the facility or lot. Specific entrances may permit only proximity or long range card holders to enter. Public entrances may incorporate such readers as well as ticket printing or pre-paid entry.

For persons receiving tickets upon entry, parking payments may be made at walk-up Pay Stations or upon exiting the lot. Exit lanes may incorporate Exit Stations with credit/debit card only payments, cash and credit/debit payment or Cashier Stations. Importantly, barrier gates secure all laneways to ensure that only valid card or credential holders or paid ticket holders are granted permission to leave as well as to prevent unauthorized ingress or egress.

In addition to the above mentioned lane way equipment and payment terminals, Validation and Hotel Guest Check in Terminals may be incorporated to enhance the automated parking control system.