Barrier Gate – Parking Lot Security Gate

/Barrier Gate – Parking Lot Security Gate

Barrier Gate – Parking Lot Security Gate

Straight Arm (10’ or 12’) or Folding Arm (3M)

Barrier gates ensure parking lot control.

The durable stainless steel security gate has direct drive motor with auto-reverse upon obstruction.  The breakaway release arm minimizes damage to the motor and  gate in case a vehicle drives into the barrier arm.  The lightweight aluminum arm requires no special tools for installation.  With a slim profile, this security gate is perfect for narrow spaces and high volume applications.

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Product Description

Add a Barrier Gate to an Entry Lane or Exit Lane to ensure parking lot control.   This durable stainless steel gate has been proven in extreme temperatures.

  • Direct Drive Motor, Motor Cooling Fan.
  • Auto-reverse upon contacting obstruction.
  • Quick release clutch for loss of power.
  • Includes wireless receiver, and two programmed remote controls to open/close barrier gate arm.
  • Single door access and removable top.
  • Lightweight aluminum arm, no special tools required for installation.
  • 3M high-intensity reflective striping on gate arm.
  • Powder coated, stainless steel cabinet.
  • Slim profile; fits on narrow islands.
  • CSA Certified.

This parking lot security gate is an essential item to any parking lot gate system.


  • Breakaway Release Arm (straight arm only).
  • Illuminated/lighted striping on gate arm for high visibility.
  • Protective foam under gate arm.
  • Infrared sensor – detects presence of an object, including humans. Recommended in high pedestrian traffic areas.
  • Photo cell – detects obstacles within beam of light to prevent gate arm closing.
  • Arm lengths greater than 12’ (max 18’) require motor upgrade (5 second open time, straight arm only).
  • Memory vend for increased distance between payment and gate arm.
  • Add security cameras.
  • Include a thermostatically controlled heater (operates to -40°F/-40°C).
  • Full-Featured or Flat-Rate Parking Systems.
  • Entry BOXX or Exit BOXX.
  • Access Control Parking System with Keypad or Card Access.
  • Coin Station Machine: low cost, stand-alone option.
  • Loop (PVC or saw cut), standard or oversize vehicle dimensions.
  • Loop Detector – detects vehicle presence to arm or reset barrier gate or open if free in/out gate.
  • Stop/Go Light.
  • Barrier Gate Industrial (18’).
  • Protective Bollard.
  • Wayfinding Sensors & Signage.