7 Reasons to Install a Parking System

Why Parking BOXX?
Parking Systems

Why automate? Here are 7 reasons to automate your Parking Access and Revenue Control System with Parking BOXX:

1. CONTROL PARKING. Limit parking lot access to paying customers, employees, monthly pass holders or others who should actually be there. Control traffic flow by setting advanced levels of access control to different areas of your lot, and allow greater flexibility for peak parking periods and special events. A well-designed automated parking solution ensures patrons and staff can enter, park & pay and exit the lot quickly and easily for a positive customer experience.

2. INCREASE REVENUE. Capture all of your parking income by ensuring that every vehicle must pay to get out. Increase turnover with hourly parking. Reduce overhead by decreasing staffing levels. Kiosks don’t let their friends park for free. Don’t view parking as a hassle – it is a money maker! We have many customers who make more from parking than they do from any other aspect of their business. An up-front investment to purchase the system may be quickly off-set by revenue generated. Plus get the added benefit of not having to pay the man hours and ancillary costs for parking attendants. We’ve had customers with an ROI in under 6 months!

3. IMPROVE SECURITY. Monitoring your site 24/7 from virtually anywhere utilizing smartphone, tablet or PC technology. View live and recorded video from strategically placed security cameras located throughout your site.

4. COMPREHENSIVE AUDITS. Generate redundant audit trail for cash collections and reconciliation. Track transaction types, revenue generation and statistics from a single management control center at date and time intervals that coincide with management’s operational objectives.

5. BOOST YOUR BRAND. All automated Parking BOXX equipment can be custom branded with logos, company colors and slogans. This is a value add we offer to all of our clients at no additional cost.

6. INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY. Are there areas of your lot that can be used more productively? Control usage by shifts and office staffing hours or many other criteria for optimal operational efficiencies.

7. EXCEPTIONAL SERVICE & SUPPORT. Parking BOXX is available 24/7. Our team is second to none in the industry and our upbeat customer feedback supports this claim!

We have over 75 years of experience in manufacturing and installing automated parking systems of all types and sizes across North America. Request a FREE CONSULTATION with a Parking BOXX Expert to receive knowledgeable advice as to how to configure the best possible automated parking solution geared specifically to your business. Parking BOXX is “Parking Made Easy”™.